Areas of Practice

Ava K. Robbins Law Office is a law firm that provides legal assistance to individuals in the following areas:


Bankruptcy law is the area of law in which our attorneys work for either debtors (individuals or businesses who owe debt) or creditors (individuals or businesses to whom a debt is owed). The purpose of bankruptcy law is to benefit “debtors” and “creditors” in such a way that creditors can have their debts paid while debtors can be given a way to pay such debts and restart anew. Duties in bankruptcy law include, but are not limited to:

– Drafting motions and proceedings (as well as responding to other motions or proceedings)
– Reviewing discovery documents
– Arguing for or against said motions in front of a court


Divorce law is the section of law that relates to what happens when a married couple terminates their marriage. Divorce attorneys review cases such as:

– Child Custody Hearings: This is where parents and attorneys argue over the parents rights to make important decisions on behalf of their children as well as which child lives with, and is raised by which parent.
– Division of Property: Who gets what during a divorce.
– Alimony: Monthly payments one spouse makes to another as a result of a court order.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an area of law that covers the transfer and management of property after a person dies. Services regarding estate planning are mainly:

– Wills: These are legal documents that create the rules about how a deceased individual’s property is to be handled after their death.
– Trusts: A legal agreement where one party is given the right to manage another person’s property for them.
– Power of Attorney: A document that gives a person or business the power to manage affairs if you are unable to do so.

Real Estate

This area of law is about ownership and use of land. Real estate attorneys handle transactions and disputes over property. They normally handle:

– Purchase Agreements
– Mortgage Documents
– Title Documents
– The purchase or sale of property

Whenever there’s a dispute over property in court real estate attorneys are who you want to go to.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law is when a person is suffered an injury to mind or body. If there is an accident in the workplace, or if there’s been a car accident, a personal injury lawyer is who you turn to.