AK Robbin’s Law Address and Contact Info:

3000 Old Canton Rd, Suite 550
Jackson, MS 39216

Phone Number: 601-713-1924

Our Philosophy

Here our attorneys and staff are dedicated to meeting your legal needs in challenges in the fields of bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning, real estate and personal injury. Here we pride ourselves on top notch results, excellent service to our clients, and our attention to our diversity of clientele. At our firm your needs will be handled swiftly and justly.

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Our law firm provides assertive, thoughtful, and compassionate service to all of our clients. We do not back down or yield under pressure. Our reputation among our colleagues is of our courageous commitment to get our clients the restitution that they deserve.

Our commitment to the facts is strong, as is our connections with professionals of many different fields. In addition to the connections we’ve made over the years we’re also proud of our paralegal team. Over the years we’ve come to rely on them for high grade research that has given our attorneys the knowledge they need to support, empower and embolden our clients.

One of the secrets to our success is that we approach each clients needs as a team. This often means that each individual is empowered by the collective efforts of not just one legal expert, but many. This leads to organized, orderly, and effective counseling. This gives our firm the cutting edge as we approach complex problems with novel ideas. As our business environment becomes more intricate and complicated our clients need for a firm with fresh outside the box thinking grows. Fortunately, our team is well equipped to handle such needs. Our attorneys have the experience and depth necessary to accomplish these tasks.

Our law firm is not about us. It’s about our clients. It’s about our community. It’s about fairness to all. Our clients are like our family. If your parents or siblings called you for assistance would you hesitate to help them? That is how we approach each and every case. No call goes unanswered. No client is uninformed about the proceedings of their case.

Our most experienced attorneys have spent decades fighting on behalf of their clients and the results speak for themselves. They know your complaints about other law firms. It’s our promise to understand you so that you can be afforded the best service.