Counsel You Can Count On

Ava K Robbins, JD

Ava is experienced in many areas of the law, including bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, estate planning, and personal injury.

Ava graduated from Cornell Law School and clerked in New York before returning to her native Mississippi.

She prides herself on the tenacious pursuit of her clients’ rights in the most ethical manner possible.

At AK Robbins Law our experienced attorneys have made it their life’s mission to ensure you with the best quality legal assistance. With our attorneys fighting your battles for you, you will not have to face the consequences alone. Throughout the entire process our attorneys can provide professional, customized care that is ensured to get you the best possible outcome. We provide assistance that is personalized and customized for each and every case.

Customized Legal Aid

Just think of things that could happen that nobody plans for: car accidents, a newborn child with a medical condition, unexpected illnesses, the loss of a loved one, a robbery, etc. These are example of things that could happen to a person that nobody plans for that can have major life-changing consequences.

There’s nothing worse than an accident that you didn’t prepare for. The trouble is that nobody can foresee, plan or prepare for everything that will ever happen to them in the distant future. You need legal expertise for these situations.


At AK Robbins Law we take great pride in our responsible lawyers. Our words and our actions reflect this. We are open and transparent with each and every client. Our firm’s success is due to our accountability with each other, with you and with our community.


As attorneys we takes our oaths to support the Constitution of the United States very seriously. Our clients place a lot of faith and trust in us. We respect this trust. This respect is reflected in our actions.


At AK Robbins Law we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our attorneys. Each lawyer is the best of the best. We have the tools, talents and expertise needed to handle each and every case. No task is too big nor too small for us.


Our actions, our behavior, and our words are consistent. Like the North Star, we are constant and undeviating. We are faithful to our clients through every hardship. No case goes unfinished.

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We are always looking for credible legal partners in other states. Contact us if you would like to apply. Currently we are referring:

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